Which Air Hockey Table Is Correct For Me?

Due to the fact the popularity around the recreation of air hockey has developed immensely, shoppers can now buy air hockey table in just a substantial amount of exceptional measurements & forms.

A standard air hockey desk is just as the name implies: a stand-alone unit with two paddles or strikers and two pucks. Many of them are the same ones you see in your local arcade or game shop. These arcade-style units come with an electronic scoring module that automatically tabulates each goal while you’re playing. Depending about the size and price, each unit comes with its own distinct features. Some air hockey tables come with two or more blowers or motors for maximum air flow, which markedly improves the speed at which the puck is able to glide across the ice. Others might come with more exotic features, such as glow-in-the dark capabilities through a blacklight system. It all depends on what you’re looking for: a grandmother looking for a toy for her 11 year old grandson might not necessarily want or need all of the features that come with the advanced air hockey tables that professionals & bar owners need. In addition, stand alone tables often require at least some assembly: something for you parents to keep in mind.

A desk top unit around the other hand, is much smaller than a full size unit and is made to be set up on desk or countertop surfaces. As such, the sport (and its accompanying parts) are much smaller than the normal sized units. A unit like this is probably much more suitable for a younger child or someone just learning the sport of air hockey as it is much easier for youngers to get a handle on.

There are also combination units that combine air hockey with other games, such as ping-pong or pool around the same desk. All one has to do is flip the tabletop to the other side, and you have two games in one. It’s easier than you might think and buying a desk like this saves time and money, since you don’t have to obtain separate units for each recreation and subsequently find room in your basement or rec room to put those games (which if you’re trying to create the ultimate match room, is probably the most difficult part.) These units come pre-packaged with all the equipment for either recreation and our sometimes made with various wood finishes, which ensures that the unit will blend in with the surroundings of your bar or game room at home.

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